Terms & Conditions

  1. BetaSkills.com recommend dark mode concept to learn and not use any video for any type of learning.

  2. Apply online by selecting pricing plane and pay ammount within 2-day from date of apply.

  3. Your must be clear about your education level during profile building section at BetaSkills.com. Your selection depends about your education level.

  4. We are not fix course duration, its depend on your learning skills. as soon as you learn each topic and make sure practical, than we recommend to move next Lecture or Task.BetaSills provide you to break course at any state, and resume when get free.

  5. Student can start communication with your Dark Tutor at any time usign comment, Tutor will reply shortly, cannot see or live talk usign skype,zoom or whatsapp with you tutor.

  6. We have started this plane to enhance student learning ability and increase self dependency.

Less Fee
Easy Coding Trics
Continues Supervision

Our Tutor Supervision

Beta Skills Provides a complete guidence to students and keep continuse supervision accouding to student educational level.